Lake Čeperl from Lazar Kupreki point of view

Lazar shared with us his impressions about Kasapska Ada and now he will share his story about lake Čepel, as well.

Village Mužlj is near Zrenjanin. It was well known for fine sand, which can be extracted from 2m below surface. Extraction of the sand in this village was important business and as result number of sand pits was constantly increasing. Underground waters gradually filled this pits and connected them in beautiful lakes. Between the other type of the fish ,lake was rich with carps, pikes and cat fish. However, carelessness and poaching were destroying these lakes, where sand extraction was finished trash and wild dump replaced beauty of the lakes


This was destiny of Čepel lake, as well. This was oldest lake in Mužlj-Zrenjanin which history starts in sixties, when it was noted in books as ” Peskara 1″ (send pit 1 ). However, locally it was known as Čepel. This name was more suitable because in this send pits water was gradually coming ” in drops”. Local population was mainly with Hungarian origin and on Hungarina drop of water is “csepp”, so Čepel was association for lake which was created gradually from drop of wares

This lake got good boss in January 2005

This was group of young people from fish organisation ” Banat” which had vision. They wanted to take care about their local lake and to have modern “catch and release” lake. Years of hard works were necessary by the club members and volunteers to clean up the lake from trash and to arrange the coast. 18 fishing positions were created , light was brought, object for fish guard and toilets were built. Banks were arranged with elm, linden and acacia tree.

Lake got its final looks and it was opened for commercial fishing


Now lake is host of social fishing and competitions, among the other State carp championship. I have lot of nice memories from this water

My firs steps in carp fishing started on this water. It was long time ago when my friend called me on pike fishing competition on one, for me at that moment not know lake, near Zrenjanin. It was early autumn morning with lot of fog, so lake was not visible in its full size and beauty. Our position was number 18, corner of the lake near reed. After couple of hours fog was lifted and lake was visible in its full glints, real carp lake. I could not wait for next free weekend to try my luck in carp fishing. So , I came with my friend on 3 day carp only, fishing. We were fishing on potion number 7 , we were not properly prepared and with lack of knowledge about lake

We had help from expert. Bole , man who knows everything about Čepel, told me to fish on left side 105 m , right on 40 m and to use marker to find sprud. I listened his advises and everything was ready for good fishing. We had couple of carps before night . Average weight was around 6kg. Even they were not so big they gave strong resistance, so filling was that they are much bigger

Night was with out action, but at the morning fish start to be active with first sun. As bait I used corn with small pop-up. Also, I had, for that time very popular boile, red-haring and hot demon. I was feeding with spod-mix: corn, wheat, bird food and hemp. Results come , 16 kg carp, my biggest fish at that moment. This was beginning of my serious carp fishing… after that I started with social fishing, competitions, 4 round of Fishpond of Serbia where I met most famous carp fisherman Braca, Bojanić, Majkić Mudrinski and lot of other guys

I am still fishing on Čepel and looking forward to seem my old and experience friends from this sport…. BISTRO SVIMA