Riblovačko Carstvo Kikinda from Balkan Carp point of view

9 juna 2020vest o takmičenju

Balkan Carp team was this weekend on carp competition, organized by Carp league Serbia, on Ribolovacko Carstvo , carp lake near Kikinda.

Ribolovacko Carstvo is on Kikinda – Novo Milosevo road. Lake was made by extraction of sand, it covers 14ha with average depth 1.8m. Shape and surrounding is natural, with comfortable fishing places.

Ribolovačko carstvo (Kikinda) Arhive - carp.rs

We got position number 1 which had small bay and quite big part of open water. Issue with this position is that it is located in part of the lake with low depth, so water was app 1m deep.

Ova slika ima prazan alt atribut; ime njene datoteke je image-1024x576.png

Considering that we were first time on this lake we asked for advice from our friends from Kikinda which had lot of experience on this lake. We kept two rods on app 90m and two rods were in bay. Feeding was intensive on 90m with food mix, tiger, corn, hemp with atractors from Meleg Baits. Position in bay we fed with boils

We had information that best bait is strawberry or octopus boila. From the beginning octopus was attracting small cat fishes, which are frequent in this lake. Boils with any meat flavor attracting this problematic fish, so we decide to focus on fruit flavors. We tried strawberry, banana, pineapple but first results we had on Meleg baits pop-up tuti-fruti

Weather was not stable. First day was with strong wind and we had lot of “fake beeps”. Surprise of the first day was 6kg cat fish, this size of cat fish is not frequent on the lake, especially not on fruit boila

we were feeding quite intensively on close to middle of the lake with idea to extract fish from deeper part hidden behind reed at mid side of the lake. Baits were close to the feeding position. This strategy give us low results, even our friend from Kikinda with this strategy, couple weeks before, caught more than 100kg of carps. Contrary to them, the biggest number of carps we got in bay, most frequently between 11-13h and around 3h in the night

Ribolovacko Carstvo is well known by the solid population of the grass carps. The biggest fish in this competition was grass carp of 17kg, Regarding regular carps average weight was app 6kg and the biggest was 12kg. Winner of the competition was CT Halos with 132kg, even in first 22 hours they did not catch neither one fish.

This time we did not have some sound result still we had very nice weekend on Ribolovacko Carstvo with Carp league Serbia