Story by Jovica Savić , winner of feeder cup in small lake Bački Jarak

Corona method feeder cup was organised 26th of July on small lake Bački Jarak. One months before this competition 1t of grass carp, average weight 3kg (400 pcs) was added in the lake and in water was already 1,5t of carps with average weight of 5 kg. Weather was ideal for fishing, cloudy but with not rain, nor wind. This small lake is generally fresh fishing water, with rather short fishing history. 12 competitors were on the lake and they start to come at 5:30. Plan was to begin at 7h and to finish it till 12h, in order to avoid July hottest hours. I was not satisfied with drawings, i got strong competitors on my left and right sides.

As before I use my own food mix and fish pellet 2mm which I enrich with different attractors. Due to strong competition and willingness of my neighbors to beat me I decide to make two feeding positions, each at the border with neighboring positions. Strategy was to fish on one positions and to feed other one with 2-3 balls of food. After half an hour fish start to give first signals. I start to have fish on 7 to 8 minutes alternately on both feeding positions. When I start to have fish on 2 minutes on one position I was focused on that location till the end of competition

Slowly I start to move feeding position from the border toward center of my position because my neighbors had fish on borders, as well. As I moved my feeding position toward center my neighboring competitors start to have less fish and difference in my favors start to increase. At the end I finished competition with 35 fishes (80% grass cap) and total weight 106,8kg, with lost 7 fishes . Fish is very healthy and strong , I recommend this lake it is very nice experience

Jovica Savić