Kasapska Ada and Balkan Carp

Kasapska Ada is fishpond where we first meet the beauty of the carp fishing and this is the lake where we love to spend weekend. This fishpond is very demanding, with high depth oscillations. If you fish on the bottom you need to find sandbank but considering that it is summer and that fish is closer to the surface our favorite was zig -rig. Last weekend in August we were on friendly competition organized on Kasapska Ada. We got position 9 , end of the lake. We knew that in front of us is send bank but we also there were the cases when fish went to the bay, close to the coast.

Weather was hot, sunny and quite. During un-packing we saw that fish is active in the bay but in its deeper part, between send bank and coast. We decide, during the day, to fish on zig-rig in two deeper parts from both sides of the sand bank and during the night to be focused on central send bank and close to the coast in the bay

First day, even fish was active in the bay, we got three carps on right side of the sand bank. For night we start to feed two positions and we prepared fruit and krill boils as baits. Unfortunately, night was calm and we have no actions. In the morning, with first sun, we returned to zig-rig and start with active feeding.

Considering that we were fishing close to the surface it was important that mixture used for feeding do not go to the bottom very fast. Our mixture was based on two types of crushed corn with additional additives-honey and pineapple. Sponge for zig-rig we dip in Meleg baits wild rose. Result come , biggest fish in the competitions 17,7kg

Last day, Sunday, fish come in the bay, we feed it strongly and we got three carps and lost additional three. All of them we had 2m below the surface. We finished competition as 1st in the sector, with biggest fish in the lake and with 2nd result in total lake.