Fish pond Bački Jarak, preparation for 2021 season and increase of fish population

Fish pond in Bački Jarak has two lakes: big and small. Both lakes are artificial with rectangle shape and flat bottom.

Big lake is older with larger pieces of carps and grass carps, frequently above 15kg. Lakes has small basic café for drinks only and for couple days fishing there is infrastructure which makes is it more comfortable – light, electricity and barbecue. Parking is close to the lake which makes easier transfer of the equipment to the fishing position

Слика може да садржи: дрво, небо, облак, на отвореном, природа и вода
Big lake

Small lake is more adapted to feeder fishing and considering that it is relatively young water fish is fighting strongly. Coast is well arranged and each position is wide. Small problem is lack of the natural shade but there are places where you can hide from the sun.

Слика може да садржи: небо, облак, дрво, биљка, планина, на отвореном, природа и вода
Small lake

Increase of the fish population in November – Big lake was restocked with 1.5t of carps, out of which 150pcs was on average 7.5kg and 12pcs with 10-15kg. Plan is to allow float fishing and this way to decrease population of the smaller fish. Part of this smaller fish (above 250gr) will be transferred to Small lake and this ways this lake, as well, will be very interesting for float fishing lovers. Small lake is already restocked with 150kg of carps with average weight of 1.5kg and plan is for additional 1t with weigh 1-3kg. Also, idea will be to add 1.5t of the other type of the fish (with in Carp family) above 300gr of weight.

Goal of this fishpond is to become best feeder and float fishing commercial lake in Serbia. Wish them the best.