We met Lake Gregec in Zitiste

Listening the recomendations , about new interesting lake , from our friends who shares same passion about carp fishing, we decide to visit lake Grgec in Zitiste, even January (8.1.2021.) is not carp fishing months

Couple days earlier we booked position 17, which is opposite from the parking. As we saw the water, we were impressed with existence of the several small island overgrown with reeds. These islands are zig-zag deployed at the middle of the lake, so each position have at least one island and passage between two of them toward third further island, which is close to the opposite bank.

This diversity gives possibility, in each position, to search for fish on several different locations

We did not have luck with weather. It was raining last couple of days and light rain was entire day, as well. We could not come with car directly on fishing position because road around the lake is dirt road and in this weather conditions it is not allowed to use it.

Lake is 5ha while the water surface is 3.5ha with 2m depth. It has 12 carp fishing position or 20 position for feeder fishing. Important information for summer days is that there are no natural shade. Trees are planted but lake is very young, so it need some time to grow up. Average size of the fish is 5kg to 7kg but there are samples of 15kg which were caught as well.

Considering short day, announced bad weather and need for fast packing and unpacking we decide to go with feeder.

Strategy was to ” attack” two positions. First position was left, closed to the island on 75m and second position was middle of the right island on 75m and its nearest passage on 80m from our position.

Just as we arrived we had some modest action but with no success, fish was not on hook.

Around noon fist serious action was on left position closed to the island and after 15minutes fish was at the net. Taking this fish out was very interesting because banks are leaned toward water and tanks to the rain clay under us was more slippery than ice. Still we avoid winter swimming.

Till the end of the day we had one more signal but with no success.

 Despite the rain and low temperature of only 2C, we get back to Novi Sad taking very positive impression from this visit to lake Grgec. Even January is not period for carp fishing, we succeed to catch the carp.

Our final conclusion is that this lake is very interesting, well managed, well planed and that in next period lake Grgec will be very positive refreshment in the map of the commercial carp lakes