Fishpond Grgeč and fishing in early spring

First Balkan Carp Feeder cup was organized at 21st of March on lake Grgeč in Žitište. Even it is early spring , weather was not favorable, it was very cold with temperature not higher than 4C with occasional snow. Fishing under this conditions was quite big challenge. However, lake was full, with 18 registered teams.

Competition was tight till the end. In total catch was 20 fishes with 110kg. While biggest fish had 9kg

All anglers had same comment – fish was very strong which resulted that couple of fishes was lost and that catching 5-6kg carp was real pleasure. Generally, movement of fish was modest. This is expected considering that temperature was very cold. Winners had 3 to 4 fishes which they caught at the middle of the lake

Specificity of this lake is existence of several island fully covered with reed. These islands are very good hiding place for carps and anglers are trying to catch the carps either close to the island or in the space between. With this tactic it was necessary that to be very carful because any mistake in the throwing or any sudden change of wind will result that hooks finish tangled in the reed

Even the weather was not ideal for fishing first Balkan Carp Cup was successful and congratulations to the winners FT BJ-OB (Rajin, Savić) winners in Sector A with 19kg and biggest fish on the lake ,9kg. FT Senta (Holi, Galambos) winners in Sector B with 16kg

Our friends which helped us in organization and which provided prizes for all participants are : Maximnus 021 which provided coal for barbecue, to be properly prepared for summer season; Bio Spin give package for deration, Brewery Beercuz provided packages of craft beer, Distillery Srem provided brandy, Brauhaus give dinner and HCL light provided lights for last one to light them a way for better results in future. General sponsor was Meleg Baits which provided for 2nd and 3rd positions package of method mix Sushi, Plankton and Vanilla as well as pop-ups. More details about you will be in position to see in “Čari Ribolova” on TV Vojvodina