Fish pond “Cold Valley” Čelarevo

Fish pond Cold Valley is well-known by the population of the pike and bass. Still, it is interesting for carp fishing ,as well. This is is our experience.

First of all , we would like to point out that this fish pond is hard to find. It is not recognized at internet map searches and there are no any signs or markers when you are approaching from main road.

When you pass Čelareveo there are plant nursery and after it there are small , hard to noticed , dirt road which will take you to the lake.

As is it is said in the name ” Cold Valley” lake is in the valley of old brickyard. Dimensions are 200m with 40m and the deepest part is app 2m. Considering that this was brickyard bottom is flat and solid. Surrounding is fully natural. One bank is covered with reed while other is clear and used for fishing. Lack of the shade is problem in summer fishing.

This fish pond is well-known by the solid samples of pike and bass, so it is very attractive for anglers which like fishing the pike with fishing lure. Catching this predators with live baits is forbidden.

Considering characteristics of the fishpond it is ideal for feeder, as well. We tried with 2 rods each, fishing side by side , targeting different parts of the lake with different type of baits. Considering that we were only carp anglers on the lake , we had entire lake for us. However, very fast, it was clear where the fish is, so it was not too much searching.

The majority of action we had close to the reed and only couple fishes we had at the middle of the water. Regarding the baits, majority of the catch we had on sweet and fruit flavors (strawberry, pineapple, BS …) while hot flavors (garlic, chili,..) and N-butrinick where inefficient.

Owner of the lake said that there are carps with up to 15kg, however, we got only smaller ones , app 1kg . Lack of the bigger carps was compensated with intensive activity, so we got app 15 carps each. Not bad for couple of hours fishing.

Our conclustion is that there are room for improvement but this water is nice and we will come back