New fishpond for feeder fishing – Kasapska ada small lake

Kasapska ada is well-known lake for carp fishing, still due to its depth feeder fishing was not appropriate it was more for parabolic and zig-rig. However, from this season next to the big lake, new, small lake is opened for feeder fishing.

This new lake is 180m x45m with depth up to 2m and with around 1500kg of the carps, average weight 2kg.

There is solid road which will bring you on the water. On high way between Kać and Temerin on smaller bypass there is gate from high way to dusty road.

Lake has 14 positions, bottom is flat, banks are clear with send. There are no shadow and fishing is only from one side of the lake

We visited this lake by the end of the April and even the water was still cold, fish was active. From the baits best result was given by Meleg baits – garlic. Fish fights strongly which is expectable considering that this is new water

Our excursion on this lake was very nice , lake has perspective to become one of better feeder waters.