Crni Vir and Balkan Carp on 24h feeder method cup

Crni Vir is well known fish pond , it is located at the entrance of the village Kać when you arrive from the Sangaj. Lake is not big, 20m to 40m width, depending on the fishing position. All fishing positions, 18 of them, are located on one side of the lake. All banks are surrounded with the reed, willow and type of local acacia. Parking is close to the water so it is easy to approach and it is not issue to carry the equipment. Additional conform is restaurant on lake which brings food and beverage on each fishing position

24h feeder cup is organized on 4th and 5th Jun , Balkan carp team was present and we will share our experience.

We got position 6 , left part of the lake close to the end – we were quite satisfied. Considering that position 1 to 4 were empty we were in position to attract the fish if it goes to calm left side of the lake. We noted ,on the opposite side between two lines of reed , small acacia bush over the water. This was our targeted position. We checked the bottom it was flat so this bush was location which we decide to pressure with feeding.

We were preparing ourselves for couple of days, asking local anglers about their experience and of course, we contacted Zoran Meleg from Meleg Baits to recommend us right feeding mixture . We used two type of mix. One prepared by Meleg Baits , we do not know its detailed structure, and second we made as mix of green, oxygen and sugar corn which we got from Meleg Bait .

Competition started at 18:15 and up to 18h we had one small carp less than 1kg. Soon after that we had two American cat fish and one more fish which is not eligible for calculation in this competition. Dusk… midnight…. dawn …. neither one signal from the carp. We tried all flavors of the baits, trying directly in feeding position, near it, on half ot the lake, on 2/3 of the lake… fish was not there. On the left side of the lake fish was very loud and swim on the surface. Neighbors from the position 5 were active entire night , trying to attract fish on the bait but with no success, fish was on the surface.

With the morning situation is changed, position 5 gets the fish … a lot of it. We had first actions, two carps , about 6kg, very close to the reed on feeding position , winner was the blackberry flavor. After that, one hour with no action and than again two carps, this time smaller ones, same position , flavor Ester. At the noon, intermediary results of the competitions shows that we are leading in our sector. However, we know that competitors are very strong and when they attract the fish they will easily overtake the lead. That happened. At 14h results shows that were are on third place with 15kg while leading position had 30kg, with biggest fish on the water of 13.14kg. Around 15h we are changing the flavor. We are trying again mango, we tried it at the morning with no result, but now temperature was higher. All catch we had on sweet and fruits flavor, so we believed that we should try something exotic considering that usual flavors (strawberry, punch, n-butrick …) did not give any results. Effect was visible immediately – strong hit and fish was swimming deeply in position 5 . Neighbors were collegial and put the rods out of the water, they saw the fish, it was big one. We new that one big carp will bring us back in the game. At the same time we had action on the second rod – double run, but neighbor from position 7 saying that he had fish on the hook and that it is in our position. We are leaving second rod thinking that actions is provoked by the neighbor’s fish. Carp from the first rod is finally in the net – 13.01kg , 130gr less than the biggest fish on the water.

Neighbor from position 7 got his fish but our rod was still active, so it was double run. As we took the rod in our hand , carp was released, we lost the fish. However, soon we had one more carp about 6kg and two smaller one 4kg in total. One hour before end of the competition we are again first in our sector. But no more action, we are feeding intensively, unfortunately no more carps till the end. On final measurement position 18 had two fish 15 minutes before the end and they took the 1st place with 6kg more then us. We took 2nd position.

Lucky looser- lost biggest fish for 140gr and lost 1st position in last 15 minutes…. however we are more than satisfied with 2nd position taking in consideration that competition was very strong.

Same event you can see on Milos Pavlicevic you tube channel

Very interesting competition, excellent fish, real sport spirit from all teams… Thank you Milos and Sergej for organizing this competitions , I hope that we will see you soon again.