Balkan carp tema – firs time on Fazanerija Ub

We visited Fazanerija Ub 7-9.4.2023 within the friendly competition organized by Vlada Ljubenković and his Carp cup. We were first time on this water so we asked friends who knows this fish pond for some information and for advice. For start we received map with marked fishing spots in each position.

Regarding the baits information was uniformed – lot of small American cat fish, so focus on rubber corn and tiger.

When we come to the lake it was evident that it was not so big water surface and that fishing spots are not so far. It looks more for feeder fishing than for parabolic. Position are clear, easy for manipulation but with no shadow. This must be taken in consideration during summer fishing visits. Next to the lake is restaurant, which unfortunately was not still open but with visible preparation for summer season. Behind the lake is small open pool so it will be nice for family weekend.

We got position number 6, it was middle of the lake. We start to mark the bottom and we found out that sandbanks are very specific. They were rather long but narrow and not more than 0.5m. These sandbanks were with very steep sides so hook easy stuck on this steep edge and also it slides easy of the bank. Feeding must be very precise, in order to concentrate it right position. We succeed to get some old pictures during excavation of the lake, so we could confirm our perceptions of the bottom.

Fishing was allowed on 6 rods. We concentrate 4 on half of the water, 2 on each side close to the neighboring positon on app 24m. Remaining 2 rods were on the middle of the water close to the cable which separates positions. Durring competition we received advices from Dušan Živković, his team was winner on same position on competitions which was organized week or two earlier. We accepted advices, everything we did “by the book”.

This fish pond is used to rocket feeding, so during the day we very frequently put the 3-4 rockets of spod mix (corn, tiger, bird feed etc) on each position. Close to the evening we start to feed intensively in order to prepare position for night

Despite good preparation and hard work we did not have results. Key reason was weather. Strong decrease in temperature of app 10°C couple days before competition , followed with low temperature during competition (3°C night ; 11°C day) resulted with very low carp activity. Result was modest on entire lake. eight positions with no fish, four position with one carp. Only positions number 1 and 19 had something worth of mentioning but still below average of this lake. Fact is that fish was on one side of the lake and did not moved during weekend

To sum up. Not so big fish pond, with clear fishing position, easy to approach, with no shadow for summer but still good for fishing weekend. It should be recommended for spring fishing when temperature increases but still is not high as it is on summer. It should be visited with feeder equipment

We want to hanks our friends Cloud logistic which helped us with preparation for this weekend competition