Ribolovačko Carstvo Kikinda – again after four years

Reason was carp fishing competition organized by Vlada Ljubenović and Carp Cup Serbia. Comparing these last four years there are almost no changes in this fish pond. On one side it is good- beautiful nature and fully natural Read more

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Balan Carp team on Debeljaca fish pond

By the end of the September we visited fish pond in Debeljaca. This was under umbrellas of Carp Cup, competitions organized by Vlada Ljubenović and it was our first time on this water.

Debeljača is around 90km from Novi Read more

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Balkan carp tema – firs time on Fazanerija Ub

We visited Fazanerija Ub 7-9.4.2023 within the friendly competition organized by Vlada Ljubenković and his Carp cup. We were first time on this water so we asked friends who knows this fish pond for some information and for advice. Read more

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Golden Carp – new carp fishing lake

If we say that Stara Pazova- Ruma- Pećinci creates triangle, than Donji Petrovci are in the middle of that triangle. At the end of the village Donji Petrovci, previously was fish pond Basiana , now there is Golden Carp Read more

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Crni Vir and Balkan Carp on 24h feeder method cup

Crni Vir is well known fish pond , it is located at the entrance of the village Kać when you arrive from the Sangaj. Lake is not big, 20m to 40m width, depending on the fishing position. All fishing Read more

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New fishpond for feeder fishing – Kasapska ada small lake

Kasapska ada is well-known lake for carp fishing, still due to its depth feeder fishing was not appropriate it was more for parabolic and zig-rig. However, from this season next to the big lake, new, small lake is opened Read more

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Fish pond “Cold Valley” Čelarevo

Fish pond Cold Valley is well-known by the population of the pike and bass. Still, it is interesting for carp fishing ,as well. This is is our experience.

First of all , we would like to point out that Read more

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Oaza Gloza and advice from expert

On 19.6.2021 Feeder competitions was organized on fishpond Oaza. This is artificial water made by the excavation of the land. Bottom of the lake is flat and banks are well maintained without plants also flat without any anomalies.

Fishpond Read more
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Fishpond Grgeč and fishing in early spring

First Balkan Carp Feeder cup was organized at 21st of March on lake Grgeč in Žitište. Even it is early spring , weather was not favorable, it was very cold with temperature not higher than 4C with occasional snow. Read more

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Žitište, lake Grgeč – first Balka Carp Feeder Cup

After our winter excursion and impressions which we had after visiting lake Grgeč , we decide that this lake should be very good location for first Balkan Carp Cup

-Date: 21.03.2021 Sunday– 18 teams, 2 sectors-Each team has two Read more

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Food for winter carp fishing

During the winter fish is very slow, with modest movements and with low feeding needs. This makes winter fishing very challenging. What is wright carp bait- this question almost become philosophy. Only correct answer is that there are no Read more

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We met Lake Gregec in Zitiste

Listening the recomendations , about new interesting lake , from our friends who shares same passion about carp fishing, we decide to visit lake Grgec in Zitiste, even January (8.1.2021.) is not carp fishing months

Couple days earlier we Read more

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Fish pond Bački Jarak, preparation for 2021 season and increase of fish population

Fish pond in Bački Jarak has two lakes: big and small. Both lakes are artificial with rectangle shape and flat bottom.

Big lake is older with larger pieces of carps and grass carps, frequently above 15kg. Lakes has small Read more

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Kasapska Ada and Balkan Carp

Kasapska Ada is fishpond where we first meet the beauty of the carp fishing and this is the lake where we love to spend weekend. This fishpond is very demanding, with high depth oscillations. If you fish on the Read more

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