Kasapska Ada from Lazar Kupreski point of veiw

Lazar Kupreski has proven track record in carp fishing with significant numbers of reward in local and regional competitions. His knowledge and experience is recognized so fisherman asks him to be guide for fishing tours in local lakes. Meleg Bats follows Lazar in all competitions

In next couple articles Lazar will share with us experience from his favorites commercial lakes


Considering that I am from Novi Sad , I should start this series of text with Kasapska Ada because we take it as our locak lake. I am fishing on this lake since beginning in free fishing, competitions and weekend friendship socializing. I fished in all positions, water is clean and fish is very strong and ready for strong resistance

Size of the lake is 4 ha with average dept app 4m. Middle of the lake is separated by the cable. It is important to underline that lake is very dificult for fishing due to diffenrencein depth and different allocation of the sandbanks. It is very important to mark all sand banks because each position is very different.
My experience is that it should be target either top of sandbank or its sides. Fish is used on noise which comes from feeding. I am feeding in series of 10 rockets

Throwing distance is not more than 70m. When I fish on the bottom my favorites bates are M1, Plum and rubber corn during the summer. Also during the summer zig-rig is more efficient and it is necessary to search in what layer is fish. I am targeting 1.5-3 m below the surface. Compared with fishing on the bottom where I am targeting fish bank or its sides, on zig-rig I am targeting dippiest parts of the lake or I am looking movement of the fish on the surface. Lake has average carps 10 kg to 15 kg with capital examples over 20kg

If you wan to fisih on Kasapska Ada you need to book your place on phone +38162205802