Balkan Car and fishpond “Jezero” in Bački Jarak

Fishpond “Jezero” is located in the village Bački Jarak. Complex consists of two lakes, big-lake and small-lake. Big lake its final looks got in 2006, it has rectangular shape 300mx50m with average depth 1-2m and water covers 1,5ha. There are 17 wide and well maintained fishing positions. All positions are located on one side of the lake. Small lake was formed in 2016 with idea to have possibility for other type of fishing. Small lake is also rectangular shape 160m x40m

Fish populations beside Carps includes solid number of Amur, as well. Complex is covered with light, electricity and partially with wi-fi. It has toilets and place for barbecue. On fishpond you can buy cold drink and stores in village are very close to the lake. If you decide on several days fishing all this makes it rather comfortable

Balkan Carp visited both lakes during individual feeder cups. First one was organised on big lake and we had potions 13 and 15. These positions are on right side of the lake. Couple days before competition we spoke with couple of friends from the lake and , of course, we asked Meleg Baits for advice about food and baits. Finally we decide to to use for feeding Melag Baits pellets with tiger and sweet spice flavors and we were fishing on pineapple and strawberry. Dominantly, we were fishing very close to the other coast where we had biggest success but occasionally we tried at the middle of the lake, as well. Fish is very strong and it is very nice experience when you have 12kg , 10 kg and 8kg carps on 120gr feeder

Second competition was at small lake and we had one position fully on left side and one in the middle. Tactic was the same Melag Baits pellets with tiger and sweet spice flavors while we tried to catch the fish on fruits and sweet aroma. At the beginning fish was on side of the lake but later as sun was stronger it moved to the middle of the lake. Activity was lower than expected but we had couple of Carps 3kg to 5 kg. Lack of natural shade is problem during the summer so do do not forget sun-umbrella

This year we did not miss good results- firs place in sector on big lake