Balkan Carp on Čepel fishpond

Balkan Carp participated on 53rd Carp Cup Serbia on fishpond Čepel in Zrenjanin. This lake has 9ha with average depth 6m. Čepel is locate at outskirts of Zrenjanin and it is sorounded with two additional lakes which are used for swimming with public beaches

We got position No 1 and we were quite satisfied because this position has lot of reeds and slowly goes from coast to deeper water. As lot of other lakes Čepel has overpopulation of brown bullhead (Ameiurus nebulosus)  which makes problems during fishing, with lot of fake alerts. Because of that we made two types of feeding. One with tiger and old corn which should not attract brown bullhead and with second we decide to gamble and it had with sweet corn and wheat . Boils used for fishing were with fruit flavors and we used tiger and rubber corn.We decide to feed two positions, one on 85m and second on 105m , in both cases it was top of the small bay. These feeding position were the fishing position as well while one rod was at the longest spot over last feeding position in case if the fish comes from the middle of the lake.

Competitions started at 10h, we got first fish at 14h and couple hours later the second one. In first day fish was not active. For night we feed closer position, in order to make the spot which can be precisely feed during the night. Night was special challenge with lighting , thunders and heavy rain but we had no signal from carps. However, neighbors, at position 2, were very active and got app 5 fishes for night. They were properly prepared for night with lot of feeding on small sand bank in the middle of their position but close to the coastline. In next two days we had daily two fishes mainly on the farthest position and we catch it on pineapple and rubber corn

Our biggest carp had app 14kg while biggest on the competition had 17kg. Wining positions were 15 and 2 while we took 3rd position in our sector with honorable reward for youngest competitors because we had new generations with us. Organization was good as it is case for all competitions in Carp Curp Serbia