Food for winter carp fishing

During the winter fish is very slow, with modest movements and with low feeding needs. This makes winter fishing very challenging. What is wright carp bait- this question almost become philosophy. Only correct answer is that there are no rules

Proper selection of baits depends on several elements. On first place, of course, is temperature which is main trigger for fish activity. Water temperature is different with different depth of the water. Beside that , it is also under influence of water currents, wells, configuration of the bottom and vegetation. Difference in temperature of 1C can provoke different behavior of fish which effects type of the bait

Also, we should no forget PH value of the water which is not the same close to the coast , at the middle of the water or at the bottom. Strong effect on PH value has rain, waves, grass, algae, sun and lot of other things. PH value is concertation of hydrogen ions and it goes from 0 to 14. Higher concertation of hydrogen (above 7) ions makes water alkaline and lower concertation (below 7) makes it acidic. Water is neutral with PH 7 and for fish most adequate value is 6 to 8. All biological process of disintegration as results have change of the water PH value. So, any baits in the water which PH value is different from the PH of the ware as result has change of the PH of the water at the feeding position. Based on PH at the feeding position together with the aroma of the baits provoke carp to take or to leave the bait . In general we need two type of food mix and two type of baits (acid and alkaline) to provoke carp to start feeding. Acid baits has bigger participation of the proteins while alkaline has bigger share of carbohydrate

During fishing frequently there are change of weather conditions sun-clouds wind, waves … all this effects water temperature and its PH value. Because of that baits which gave result in the morning or by the sunny day are not efficient afternoon or with cloudy weather.

Considering that on fishing we can not take with us laboratory for water analysis, sensors and cameras for water and bottom research we looked for advices from  Meleg Baits , bait producer which with in the factory posses research center for bait production

Green Betain – mix for all season but specially efficient during cold season because of high participation of betaine and dark color. It gave good result with neutral boil as corn or similar

Green Betain

Sweet spice is also one of the ” winter mix” with high share of fishmeal and natural sweeteners. This sweet flavor gives him advantage in cold months

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Sweet spice

Mosquito soft mix and soft pellet are one of the winter favorites. This is very strong mix with flavor of mosquito larva. During winter period, considering that water is clear, this dark color is important element, as well


We accepted recommendation from Meleg Bait regarding this three type of the food mix. For all other baits , deep, boils you can contact Meleg Bait over web page or facebook. Retail store is in Novi Sad in Kisačka 62 street.

Thanks to Meleg Bait for this information