Oaza Gloza and advice from expert

On 19.6.2021 Feeder competitions was organized on fishpond Oaza. This is artificial water made by the excavation of the land. Bottom of the lake is flat and banks are well maintained without plants also flat without any anomalies.

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Fishpond Oaza

Idea of Balkancarp web page is to share knowledge, experience and secrets from the experts, so that all of us can enjoy more in fishing.

In line with that – we were present on this competition and we got position in the part of the lake were is seems there were no fish. around us 2 position with no fish and 2 position with minor catch. However one guy stand out and succeed to catch over 40kg . Miloš Breziq Pavlićević excellent angler, winner on several local and international competitions- he give us his secret – how to fish when there are no fish in your part of water. This is his story.


Oaza, even full of fish it is frequently very hard to catch it. There are situations when the fish is concentrated at the corners of the lake ( in most cases close to the water pumps) or in some cases a the middle of the water , as it was case today. Position 22-23-24 had fish from the beginning and these were the fist three places at the end of the competition

Unfortunately i got position 17. This position is very good on spring and even with solid size of fish.

For this competition I prepared 4l of sugar-corn, 1kg of mix hem-tiger-wheat. I decide to feed on 45m when i located one rod and second rod was at the end of the position, on 55m.

Start was weak, even I had first fish in firs couple of minutes, next 3 I lost. After that, there were no any action for 4-5 hours

I tried literally all I had , baits from 5 different brands but with no results, fish was not here.

2 positions left and 2 positions right had in total 1 fish in first 4 hours. Definitely, fish was not in this part of the lake. Even fish is here she is eating something extreme.

When I thought about extreme , I decide to try something extreme as well. I took some essential oil N-butric, which is very strong , and put 5 drops in bottle with some water. This was my deep for SBS orange 8mm.

After couple minutes I had first fish, carp. I tried again and result was the same, another carp. I was convinced that fish just come to this part of the lake and that it is not linked with the bait so I changed the bait but there were no any action. I returned the bait and again I had fish. I still did not believed that it was up to the bait so I shared the bait with neighboring friend which did not had any fish till now. One of them had fish immediately and the second one after couple of minutes.

I continued with same bait and I finished with 17 carps and lost 6 fishes for something more than 2 hours. This result was insufficient for the medal so I finished as 5th with 43kg.

Hook was no.8 Gamakatsu A1 camouflage , string was 0.12 and basic line was 0.24 stroft colour, feeder was 3gr AS method

I was witness of the Milos’s story, seeting next to him with no action for entire day but still I learned a lot.