Balan Carp team on Debeljaca fish pond

By the end of the September we visited fish pond in Debeljaca. This was under umbrellas of Carp Cup, competitions organized by Vlada Ljubenović and it was our first time on this water.

Debeljača is around 90km from Novi Sad over Kac, Titel, Perlez, Farkazdin and Kovacica. Trip to Debeljaca reminded us how this part of Vojvodina is beautiful.

The fish pond is on outskirts of village and it is made of the several smaller lakes but biggest one is the central lake, which is well known to cap anglers. Water is up to 2m depth, surrounded by the classical Vojvodina nature with organized fishing positions. There is the restaurant on the lake next to the position number 1 and 2 . All fishing positions are easy to approach and you can bring the equipment by car directly on the position.

We draw out position number 7. It covers quite big water area with lot of different position where you can search for fish. In this position there is small island, bank and different underwater sandbanks.

It was allowed to fish on six rods, so we separated them on two groups. First group was search for the fish very close in the left corner near the bank . We were aware that there are lot of branches under the water considering that there were visible damage on the threes from this summer (unusually strong) storms. So we expect that we will loose solid number of hooks and fishing leads. Second group of rods was oriented toward open water, on left and right side of the island searching for underwater sandbanks. Sandbanks are very small so it is hard to fill it if you do not know where they are. This picture helped us a lot to identify how sand bank looks and where it is.

One rod we located fully on right corner, on the pillar which separate our and neighbors position. Remaining two rods we located on sand banks around the island

Unfortunately in this region fish was with very low activity. We had one carp and additional two times we had some short signal noting more for 50h.

However, close to the banks situation was different. As soon as we arrived we saw activity on the surface, we start feeding but there were a lot of problems with branched under the water. Additional it seems that the branches were moving so two time we place the hook on one position and the thirds time on same position we hook for branch. We almost fully emptied a stocks of the reserved equipment.

First wish we had on the afternoon and it was smaller grass carp 3.5kg, it was on tuti-fruti boil. After one hour we had one more , also small, 3 kg. Than nothing for some time. Considering that we had small grass carps we decide to take the smaller hooks and we put grass carp wafter which we had for feeder fishing but still was big enough that we can use it here as well. Results come very fast. First 24h we finished with 5-6 grass carps, but all were rather small. Next day we continued with same bait on the left side but on the central part we tried everything rubber, M1, tuti-fruti all fruit and sweet deeps … but no result. After 50h we are second in our sector with 34kg but we had the most fish in number, still not big ones. In our sector difference between 1s and 3rd place was approximately one fish. However second sector was much better , it covered position which were favorites, Box 5 – 30 fish, 267kg , box 8 – 16 fish, 156 kg. If you are coming on free fishing be carful what position are you choosing

Thanks a lot to our friend from Cloud logistic who supported us in this competition and help us to present you one more very beautiful and well managed fishpond.