Ribolovačko Carstvo Kikinda – again after four years

Reason was carp fishing competition organized by Vlada Ljubenović and Carp Cup Serbia. Comparing these last four years there are almost no changes in this fish pond. On one side it is good- beautiful nature and fully natural surround, wide and clean fishing positions, reach carp population. On the other side there was no improvement in infrastructure there are not basic elements for longer campaigns. Lack of electricity maybe gives additional charm to fully natural surrounding but lack of toilet and water is big minus for this fish pond.

We got position number 3 . In last couple competitions this  position did not gave good result. Position number 4 was always one of favorites due to its diversity (bay, island, two passes between) and it took the fish from position 3 which had only open water.

We start to mark the bottom and we fount shoal on two locations. First one on far left side and second on the right side of our box, app on the middle. This right shoal we found out after couple hours fishing. We started that right side of the box on its fire side we had shola as well but it was muddy. We searched the bottom more carefully and in the middle of the water we found sold, flat part of the shoal. This was our second location.

First day was with very low activity, till the dark we had only 3 carps. It looked that story about this position is true – it does not have lot of carps.

Still we well prepared all positions for the dark, with lot of spod mix. We had surprise, during night we caught 10 carps, we got it on all four rods. In the bag, after measurement release of the fish, there was lot of spod remains. So wish was in position, eating the spod. Our baits was tiger deeped in Tuti – fruit. Our eyes show how sleepless was the night. On average carps were app 5kg

Weather conditions were perfect, even it was mid of the April , temperature was over 20C. Second day was active from the beginning. Good spod and persistent feeding give result. 10 more carps. On average they remain app 5kg. Out biggest fish was around 10kg, while biggest fish on the competition was 21.7kg. However, with 111kg after 33h we had 2nd position in our sector, firs position had 3 kg more.

Second night was with less activity but still not so bad. We had 6 carps and it was enough to take the leading position. Till the end of the competition we had two more fish and with total of 156.8kg we took the first position in our sector and second position on entire water.

Our recommendations from this campaign: tiger deeped in tuti-frut, good spod mix, persistent feeding and be careful about mud. Thanks to Vlada Ljubenovic for one more good organization of the carp competition and we hope that the managers of this fish pond will accept the critics and invest little bit in logistic so that we can have new story from this lake.