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Meleg Bait were used by the champions of the national competitions in Serbia and Montenegro. However, the best result was by Ivica Kiralj i Vlada Pasarčić in 2004, in Portugal. They become world champions

Mich Baits from Kikinde, was established in 2016. Even with short history , performance was good so Mich Baits can be found is significant number of local store

In production of pellets and boils ENIGMA uses best inputs from cold filtered oils , adding natural attractors , fish flour betaine, spices and food colors and flavors. Products are controlled by Institute for Science from Novi Sad


Offers full range of products: base mixes, boilies, waftes, atractros.

Nutrabaits was established in 1986 in UK. The brand has a distributor network that delivers our product into over 50 countries across the globe.

Hungarian producer, whose characteristic is boilies and wafters with intensive color in all flavors.

UK producer present in EU , with huge array of products made from top quality ingredients and additives.